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Don't Expect Us To Cry For 2020!

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

(Photo of Captain Nathan Depenbrock departing for the last tour of the 2020 season. 11/21/20)

Touring season is over!

Should we be sad... yep! We love sharing the river, the place we love, with people from all over the US, and the world for that matter!

Are we sad... nope! 2020 is a year we will be happy to be done with, put in the books, and move on to 2021.

We must clarify, and frankly, count our blessings. 2020 threw many, many businesses curveballs. COVID 19 restrictions were tough, and here in Kentucky was no exception. We were not able to open up for tours until June 15th, two and a half months beyond are scheduled start date. Then, our most popular tour, which was fully booked for months on end, had to be cancelled. That being our Bourbon Pompeii ,because Buffalo Trace Distillery did not open in a capacity that we could partner with them until September.

Once we were floating things were still tough. Extra sanitizing measures... if you toured with us this year you can hopefully attest to how clean the "Trace" was this season. Social distancing meant no shuttling from the distillery. All tours met at the dock... which in all honesty, we really liked. (Captain Allison and myself were not split up as much so we got to tour a whole bunch together.) Limited capacities of 8 people, except private single groups. And many more things.

BUT, there is always a silver lining. Our customers were, in short, AWESOME! No doubt we met some of the best people in the world this season. People like Darcy and her husband, who lost everything in the Paradise, California fires and came to the Bourbon Trail before starting there new life living on a boat on the "Great Loop". And Brianna and her new husband, who were celebrating their honeymoon on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, after having a COVID-19 wedding! And Bob from the Stewart Home School, who celebrated his 68th birthday aboard the "Trace". And Einer, who also celebrated her birthday on board the "Trace", but for many of her friends, the first time they left the safety of their homes during a pandemic. And many, many more.

So we always look forward! We look forward to 2021 being the best year yet for Kentucky River Tours, for the "Bourbon Boat", for The Kentucky Bourbon Trail, for all our health's and well being, and for the sanity and love of all people. May we all go into this winter counting our blessing... that we are able to even read this blog...and preparing for much better days and times to come!

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