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Freedom has never been FREE! Happy 4th of July!

Enjoy your 4th of July! The birthday of our great nation, the greatest social experiment ever conducted that went so right it birthed the greatest people in history!

We are on the water and ready to share it with you! Just take a look at a few of the very kind comments we have received already this year (and get your trip BOOKED TODAY!):

"This was so much fun and I learned a lot of history. Just cruising down the river and seeing the city and the landscape from a totally different perspective was great. The Captains are fun and know their local history. Even on a hot humid afternoon, it was a pleasant ride up and down the river. I am definitely coming back for one of the other tours. This is a must in Frankfort!" - @Jennifer G. , Evansville, Indiana

"A very enjoyable and relaxing ride up the river. Captain Nathan and Allison were polite, courteous and informative about the history of the river. I would recommend you take time out for this relaxing tour." - @Paul, Mitchell, Indiana

"Very informative we learned a lot about the river and and the bourbon industry.

Kentucky is known for its bourbon and there are lots of distilleries along the river.

Great Historical information about the capital and it's well worth the time and money. Captain Nathan and his bride we're very entertaining and educational." - @heffkids, St. Louis, Missouri

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