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Catch the Bourbon Boat!


Kentucky River Tours offers a new, yet traditional way of seeing the Kentucky River. We tell the story of why the river is so important to the bourbon industry and the entire state of Kentucky. We use the beautiful backdrop of this river for our canvas, as we paint a picture of what life was like many years ago on this river, and how it influences life today in this community and others along its banks. Perfect for those on the bourbon trail, couples, families, school children, history buffs, and more! We are not a "Party Cruise" or "Booze Cruise". Bourbon is best in moderation!


KY River Bourbon History Tour

KY River Bourbon History Tour

Our flagship tour! This is a great way to learn about the river and its impact on an entire industry! On this tour 1 hour on Monday, 1.5 hours F/S/S, tour, we will discuss 6 different distilleries near the river, see the operational Lock and Dam #4, Daniel Boone's grave from below, "Frank's Ford" from above, the Leestown Settlement, and much more. Throw in a slice of wild Kentucky with critters ranging from Blue Heron to Bald Eagles, and river otters to white-tailed deer. Top that off with a little local Bluegrass flare coming through the speakers, and you’ve got the perfect recipe. Trips depart at 3:00 PM M/Sun, and 4:00 PM F/Sat. 

For Fri. - Sun. cruises there are two options, Upper Deck and Lower Deck. Upper deck has better views, lower deck i fully enclosed. Prices vary.

Reservations are REQUIRED!

Offered Monday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Cost: $29.95 - $34.95 per person


OUR Most popular TOUR!

This 4 hour experience is offered as a package tour with Buffalo Trace Distillery. Have you had trouble getting a tour booked at Buffalo Trace? Well, this experience is a tour on the Kentucky River and a tour of Buffalo Trace Distillery. Our Friday tours (between Memorial Day and October 31) go downstream through Lock and Dam #4,  which allows you to view the back of Buffalo Trace Distillery. Monday tours go upstream through our beautiful downtown areas (not though the lock!).

After the boat tour, you will participate in a Buffalo Trace "Old Taylor Tour", which allows you to walk in the footsteps of EH Taylor Jr., and see some of the older parts of the distillery. This tour does also include a tasting. 

This is a 4 hour experience in total.

Reservations are REQUIRED!

Offered Friday and Monday

Cost: $69.95 per person

The Old taylor tour

Bourbon Pompeii

RIVER tour and taste

Tour andTaste

If you have limited time on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, and you want the best of both worlds, this might be the tour for you. Enjoy a tour on the Kentucky River, discussing the history of the city and the bourbon industry. Follow that up with a private tasting at Buffalo Trace Distillery. There you will get to try many of their premium products, like Buffalo Trace, Weller and Eagle Rare. NOTE this is only a tasting at the distillery, not a tour at the distillery. After your tour and tasting you will be given ample time to peruse the Buffalo Trace Gift Shop to take some goodies home with you.

This is a 2.5 hour experience in total.

Reservations are REQUIRED!

Offered on Wednesday and Friday

Cost: $49.95 per person

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Bourbon and Boats

Bourbon and Boats

This tour is the perfect compliment to anyone visiting Kentucky for the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. This two hour experience gets you a view of bourbon history from the water, where you will pass the Old Hermitage Distillery, learn about bourbon tycoons like the Colonel's Albert Blanton and E.. Taylor Jr., see Kentucky's State Capital building and more. Throughout your tour, a bourbon concierge from local bourbon hot spot Bourbon on Main, will be on board, where they will walk you through a barrel pick tasting of some products of their choice. This concierge is "Stave and Thief" certified, and a master at teaching  and helping enjoy the bourbon tasting experience.

This is a 2.5 hour experience in total.

Reservations are REQUIRED!

Offered Wednesdays

Cost: $89.95 per person

KY River Historical Lock Through

Lock Though

Our longest and most historic tour! This tour is offered Sunday evenings at 5:30 PM (4:30 PM after Labor Day.). We depart from our dock where will will head down river and into our historic Lock and Dam #4, built in 1840! We will drop through the lock and explore the lower pool, enjoying views of Buffalo Trace and the beautiful river, all while discussing our history as a river town and the impact of the river on Bourbon!

This is a 1.5 - 2 hour experience in total.

Reservations are REQUIRED!

Offered Sunday

Cost: $34.95 per person

Lock Through.JPG

KY River Historical Frankfort Tour

Historical Frankfort Tour

We are proud to partner with Frankfort Parks, Recreation and Historic Sites to offer this fully guided river history cruise. This tour was formerly offered by the park department on the "Nancy Wilkinson." As of 2019, we are now offering the same tour on our flagship vessel, the "Trace of Kentucky." This discounted tour is offered Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 5:30 PM. We cruise for 1 hour checking out all of the great sites and sounds of Frankfort, while interpreting the history and culture of the area. This is a great tour for any group, and it makes a great date night! 

Reservations are REQUIRED !

Offered Monday and Wednesday

Cost $7.00 per person

Custom/ Private Tours

Custom /Private Tours

Girls night out, school educational experience, wedding rehearsal, lock and dam tour, birthday party, private bourbon name it, we will make it happen! This is a great way to entertain your friends, make memories, and experience the river. We can make any dream trip you have a reality. We have the ability to operate in any of the pools in the Kentucky River, from Pool 4 down. Give us a call and we’ll get you on the water, in your own unique way!

 Reservations are REQUIRED !

Cost (Larger Boat) $1,200.00 - 1,500.00

2 hours tour time (Up to 49 passengers)

(Larger Boat -Civic Organizations ) $750.00

2 hour tour time (Up to 49 Passengers)

Smaller Boat) $300.00 per first hour, $200.00 each additional hour (Up to 15 passengers)

School Field Trip


fish 1.jpg

We are a great option for your school field trip! Exploring the Kentucky River via boat is a wonderful way to completely immerse your students in the learning experience. Our captains will focus on whatever history lessons you want taught, from Civil War to Kentucky History, from river commerce to biology of the river, and from state government to historical figures, we can cover it all. Our captains are educators themselves, working with many local schools, home school co-ops, and homeschooling our own kids!

If you have a larger group than 15 we have a second vessel that can hold 49 passengers. This vessel is rented by the whole boat, not per passenger.

Reservations are required, and we request phone call reservations to we can fully meet your needs !

Cost $7.00 per person - Up to 15 passengers

$350.00 whole boat - Up to 49 passengers

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