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There's a Bob on Board

We love sharing the river with all sorts of people, and there are no better people to share it with than those celebrating special days. We have had anniversaries, honeymoons, birthdays, graduations, engagements, and more on board. But I don't know if there could have been a better day than on Bob's birthday!

Bob lives here in Frankfort at the Stewart Home School. turning 687 years young, Bob's care taker Jim thought there could be no better way to celebrate than a beautiful day on the river... and it was... AT FIRST!

We cruised as a private charter all the way up to the terminus of Glenn's Creek, about 1 mile up from the I-65 Bridges. There we cut the motors and had some wonderful birthday cake from B's Bakery in Frankfort.

When we started heading back, the sky's changed. Then wind, then rain, then harder rain!

Everyone loved it! Bob was a trooper.... and Jim lightened the mood by saying all boat trips have to have some rain.

We had a great cruise in the rain back to the dock, and when we pulled away after dropping Bob and his guests off at the park dock, we headed up river to turn back and see this wonderful rainbow, basically ending where Bob and his guests were loading up to head home. To say God was shining down on Bob that day was an understatement in our eyes!

If you ever want to spend a special day on board, be sure and give us a call. We will do all we can to make it what ever you want. We offer Custom Cruises if you want it to be for just you, you and your family, you and your family and friends, or what eve you heart desires. We just love being a part of making that magic happen!

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