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Fishin' the Kentucky

June 19, 2020

Canoe Kentucky joined us today on the "Trace". It was part of their "Fishing Camp" that they offer through their summer camp series. Now fishing is not normally something we do on board, but they were all so darn cute; how could we resist!

We took the kids, along with Fishing Camp counselors Chad and Grace, down through Lock and Dam 4 so they could fish the tail waters of the dam. Within about 10 minutes we had one nice Channel Catfish on the line. Thinking the fishing was going to get good from there, we were sadly mistaken. 2 others caught Channels Cats, but other than that, we had a lot of kids baiting hooks and snagging the bottom.

But, there is always "just one more cast", and that is when one of our kids got hooked in to something nice! the fight was on, and our little man was not giving in. 5 minutes later, and three jumps out of the water, we had landed a real nice 25"+ Longnose Gar. Not anything you want to eat, but ask this young man if he enjoyed the fight!

Take a kid fishing! What a great experience and way to get some wonderful people in to the outdoors. It is needed now more than ever, with screens and thumbs moving a rapid paces. Check out Canoe Kentucky if you want to make it happen on either the Elkhorn Creek or the Kentucky River.

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