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Bourbon Boat Tours on HOLD for the time being!

We thought a positive photo might bring some positivity to your day... the Bluebells are really popping in the Elkhorn Creek valley right now!

How the world has changed in just a few short weeks! None of us are insulated from the COVID 19 outbreak of 2020... but like everything else, we know that this too shall pass.

"Bow down, then, before the power of God now, so that he may raise you up in due time;

unload all your burden on to him, since he is concerned about you." 1 Peter 5: 6-7

Here is our COVID 19 plan at Kentucky River Tours:

  • We are fluid, like the river itself... so things will change!

  • All tours are currently on HOLD until we receive further notice that we can legally operate.

  • We encourage folks to not CANCEL their trip with us if it is currently scheduled, but instead WAIT to see what changes come.

  • Once things begin operating again, we will be VERY BUSY, but those with current reservations, even if on hold, will be given first priority for new dates.

  • GIFT CARDS are available here so start planning your trip now. Gift Card holders also receive top priority for dating.

  • The "Trace of Kentucky" has been cleaned, washed, disinfected, washed again, and again, cleaned, disinfected... you get it! If you know us, you know we are compulsive about a clean ship!

We, like most small businesses, need your support and help throughout these trying times. We call on you that if you are planning to boat the river this year, lend a hand when you can... book a trip, buy a Gift Card, or send an uplifting word. They all mean more to us then you will ever know!

In Christ All Is Possible,

Captains Nathan, Allison and Clayton

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