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"Get outside, its good for you." Governor Andy Beshear

We always believe it is best to follow the advice of the medical community. We are by no means doctors,...however, we believe social distancing doesn't mean "don't go outside". Signs of spring are all around us, it would be a shame to spend this time locked inside. Here at KRT we are operating just like every other March, spring cleaning and preparing for the boating season (April 5th).

We have taken extra precautions on how and what we are cleaning, and have enacted new policies bleaching the boat and disinfecting all human contact points. We are also limiting the size of all tours to 8 passengers from the normal 15 passengers until further notice. This is to allow proper social distancing, which can be accomplished on board our vessel.

We are monitoring local Emergency Management procedures and following their guidelines. We have been in communication with local officials, and if it is deemed that we change our procedures we will do so and let our guests know about it as soon as we know.

We will be making a few changes to tours. Do to the fact that many distilleries have ceased offering public tours until further notice, our Bourbon Pompeii tour will not be available. Guests who have this tour booked will be contacted to make other arrangements. Also, we will be meeting all of our tours at River View Park in Downtown Frankfort, around 700 Wilkinson Blvd, or directly across the street from the very colorful (Orange, Pink, Blue and Yellow) "Urban Woods" apartment complex. This is so that we do not have to transport in our enclosed 15 passenger van which may not allow for proper social distancing. We will not meet our tours at Buffalo Trace Distillery until they begin offering their tours again.

If you feel sick, stay home, and seek medical advice; if your not, don't let fear control you. Don't allow the current situation to make you feel as if your trapped inside. You are not trapped!

Take a hike, go paddling, visit a local park, go fishing. Stay within your comfort zone and stay calm. Connect with nature, it's good for you.

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