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COVID - 19 Update as of March 23, 2020

Get outside, its good for you! This is what we have been preaching and doing, as you can see in the photo below!

As of 8:00 PM, March 23, 2020, Kentucky River Tours has made the decision to push our opening weekend on the river, at this point, to April 10. That could very well change, but at this point, we hope that our season is just delayed by two weeks.

If you have a reservation during this time, we encourage you to reach out to us and we will look at refunding or rescheduling your trip. We really hope that you can change your plans and come back another time and be on the river with us.

We are still around for questions and to take reservations. Feel free to call or chat with us through the site to get those summer trips planned. Once the weather changes for good, and we are free to get outside again, we are sure the Kentucky Bourbon Trail is going to be a popular destination... so get your planning hats on! We, like many small businesses, really, really need your support during these times, so we hope you are able to consider coming out on the river with us and making your plans now

We will post updates as we have them, and we pray for each and every one of you; for your health, for your sanity and for your safety. Through God all things are possible, and we know that with his help and guidance we will come out of this whole experience better than ever!

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