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  • Captain Nathan Depenbrock

Drinking Your Own Product

Good friends, great times, fine bourbon!

How can we sell a product if we have not lived the product, or "drank our own product!" We found ourselves selling "The Bourbon Trail" experience, but we had not lived it ourselves! So we changed that!

We invited in our fellow outfitter friends from Mohican Adventures in Loudonville, Ohio, Ozark Outdoors in Leesburg, Missouri and Osage Canoes in Lebanon, Missouri, to join us. And what a great weekend it was!

A full rickhouse at Woodford Reserve.

We picked 5 top distilleries to see, those being Woodford Reserve, Four Roses, Glenn's Creek, Castle and Key, and Buffalo Trace. We thought this to be a great mix of larger and smaller distilleries, historic and modern.

Four Rose's Fermenting Room.

None disappointed! All had great tour guides. All had great tasting. all had great stories. we recommend any of these facilities when you are in bourbon country.

Captain Nathan filling a barrel at Glenn's Creek Distillery.

We even had the opportunity at Glenn's Creek to say we made bourbon! We got to fill a barrel and sign it!

Get on the Trail... it is a trip of a lifetime, and great for all ages... we had multiple kids with us and they loved it too!

Clever historic signage at Buffalo Trace Distillery.

And last piece of advice... AirBNB has some great places for large to small groups!

Planning your own group... give us a call or email and we would love to give you our plan so that your plan is that much easier!

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