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  • Captain Nathan Depenbrock

Show Season is Planning Season!

Louisville Boat, RV and Sport Show 2019

This is the time of year to make your plans. Are you visiting Bourbon Country this year? Are you hitting the Bourbon Trail with friends or family? Trust me, we get it... we are! The Kentucky River Tours team is hitting the trail at the end of February ourselves, visiting six different distilleries with friends! We know that the more we know about the trail, the better hosts we are to you when you come to visit!

Make your plans now though! We have found, that even visiting the trail in the winter, it is BUSY! And we at Kentucky River Tours plan on being that way this year! So get your plans together now, ask the questions, and get your tour booked! You will not find any tour on The Trail like ours... we guarantee it! And if you are in Louisville or Lexington, come see us! (Louisville Show-January 24-27; Lexington Show-February 8-10) We would love to help you make your plans and know that you have made the right choice. It's hard when planning for friends... we get it!

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