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  • Captain Nathan Depenbrock


We are up and running, and no better time, as fall is really the most beautiful time on the river!

We have changed up our initial tour plans slightly for the fall. We are still working on installing our private dock system, which we do not want to hold up the ability to offer tours. Our initial installation was washed out when we had extremely unseasonable floods in September and took the dock for an unexpected ride! The photo below shows us bringing the dock back home

So until we reinstall our system, tours will be still departing form the Buffalo Trace Gift Shop, but instead will shuttle to a public dock in Downtown Frankfort, where we will board the "Trace". Since we will be operating in a slightly different area, we are extending the tour time to 1.5 hours. Of this time, 1 hour will be the boat tour while the other 30 minutes is time to get you to and from the boat. So we recommend when building your daily schedule, to allow 1 and 30 minutes for your experience with us. We say this as we do not want you to run late for other parts of your "Bourbon Experience".

Reservations are now LIVE, so click the button and get your trip ready to go. We are so ready to share the river with you!

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