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A Early Summer Update

So an update from July 4, 2018. We were announcing and supposed to be launched by now, but we have two things we are finishing up. One is a blessing in disguise, and that is that we have not been able to install our docking facility yet. This is due to the high water we have had in KY. We are currently 13" over our normal rainfall this year already! The blessing is that it would have been scary as all get out if we had the dock in and we knew our boat was out, tied to a dock, in the kind of high water we have been having!

Two, we are waiting on finalizing our USCG inspection. Remember that this is a USCG Inspected Vessel, which means thee requirements for the build and for safety are alight more rigid than the general pleasure craft. To ensure safety, our number one priority as captain, we are taking our time to make sure everything is done right the first time.

So we apologize for the delay... don't give up on us, as we promise the reasons are very good ones! We are going to be floating soon... and heck, late summer and fall are the best times to be on the river anyway! Be looking for some upcoming fall events that will be really cool... like special fall color trips, etc.!

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