Frequently asked questions

Where do we meet for our trip?

We meet at Riverview Park in Downtown Frankfort, Kentucky. The address is around 600 Wilkinson Blvd, but we do not recommend using Google to search either "Riverview Park" or "600 Wilkinson Blvd", becasue both will take you to the wrong place. Instead, use the map above, and, when on Wilkinson Blvd heading West, where Buffalo Trace Distillery and Jim's Seafood is on your right, look for the very bright and colorful "Urban Woods" apartment buildings on your left. They are pink, blue, orange and yellow. The park entrane is directly across the stree from them. When at the park, look for the Canoe Kentucky cabin, and the steps heading to the water. We will meet you at the dock at the bottom of those steps.

What should I bring with me?

We recommend binging along what ever you like to make your trip more comfortable. Ask yourself some "IF" questions: 1. If it is forecast to be a little cooler for your taste, bring a light jacket; or a coat if it is that time of year. 2. If there is a chance of rain, bring a rain jacket. 3. If you get hungry easy, or thirsty, bring a drink. We will not tell you tha "we allow alcoholic beverage" on board, as it is against the law to drink on bodies of water in the State of Kentucky on board open decked vessels, BUT, we do not ask what you have or what is in your bottle. 4. If you are the kind of person who likes lots of photos, bring a camera, or bring a smart phone. If you are one who lves in the moment, you may want leave it at home, or in the car. 5. If you are celebrating something special bring something special along with you. Examples could be a birthday cake, party hats, a diamond ring, etc.

What can I expect on the tour?

Plan on having a good time, learning a lot and seeing some of Kentucky's most premiere countryside and riverfront. We will cruise the river both up and downstream. Which trip your booked for determines which way you go first. We will pass numerous historic and significant sites, like Daniel Boone's grave, downtown Frankfort, Frank's Ford, Leestown, Buffalo Trace Distillery and the Buffalo Trace, and more. Our boat is very comfortable and stable on the water. There are seats down both sides, with two benchs on each side, totaling 4 benches. You are also welcome to stand and enjoy th view more. Mostly, expect to engage in a conversation with Captain's and fellow passengers about the sites you see, the sounds your hear, and the talks of the day.

Do you serve bourbon on board the "Bourbon Boat"?

We do not. According to Kentucky state law, it would be illegal for us to serve alcohol on board our boat,

Can we bring alcohol/ bourbon on board with us?

State law says that it is against the law to consume alcoholic beverages in public places when not in a confined area, and the river's of Kentucky are considered public places. With that said, if you bring your own drinks and your own snacks, we are not allowed to ask what is inside your "contained and unmarked (in a coozie) containers.

Can we bring food and snacks along?

Of course! Feel free to bring any snacks or food along, be sure to bring some for us! Just kidding!

Am I allowed to bring my pet along for the tour?

Well behaved pets are more than welcome to join the tour. They must be leashed at all times and able to sit on the floor of the boat. We want to keep them off the benches so as their claws do not damage our seat cushions. Do realize that if your pet has never been on a boat, they may be tentative about loading and unloading, so we recommend arriving early as to get them acclimated.

Are the Captains really Captains?

YES! All of our captains are USCG licensed merchant mariners They all hold Master Licenses.



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