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Upcoming Trip Details!

We are so looking forward to your tour today! All tours meet at Riverview Park in Downtown Frankfort. It is located near 670 Wilkinson Blvd... BUT DO NOT TRUST YOUR GPS! Instead, follow these directions:

There are two sides to the park, and you will need to be at the Boat Dock side. the entrance to that part of the park is directly across the street, Wilkinson blvd., from the brightly colored... pink, blue, orange and yellow... "Urban Woods" apartments.

Once at the park, look for the steps heading down tho the dock, to the left of the canoe and kayak rental cabin. We will meet you on the dock! If we are not there when your arrive, we may be on tour, so be patient. Have a seat and enjoy the river view!

We highly recommend a jacket or a coat, a rain jacket if that is in the forecast! And be sure and bring your camera or smartphone... you will want it!

Any questions? Call us at: 502 219 3318, or the Captain direct number: 502 395 1535

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